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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Aug 14, 2019

As a nurse, we need to be mindful of both our personal and professional values. We also need to make certain that our nursing career aligns with these stated values. So often in nursing there are achievements and other “bright shiny objects” that will come our way. This next guest reminds us to stay grounded in order to be open to the best opportunities that are to come.

Katie Gross RN BSN HNB-BC CHTP IAC is a board-certified holistic nurse who blends the art and science of traditional nursing with the intuitive practice of Healing Touch.  Her unique approach supports clients on the functional level of health with an end goal of transformation.  Katie’s specialty is in supporting women and families overcome infertility and heal from miscarriage.

A few take aways from our interview with Katie Gross RN BSN HNB-BC CHTP IAC include:

  • How nursing isn’t only about our career achievements;
  • What taking an energy inventory can do for your job enjoyment;
  • And why being a nurse is about more than the stereotypes we may assign to patients!

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