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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Jul 25, 2018

Have you ever gotten stuck in your nursing career and didn’t know what to do next? Well, the good news is, you’re a nurse! Which means, you can do anything!! This next guest speaks to the fact that opportunities are endless in nursing… some may even be around corners you never even imagined.

A graduate of the University of Delaware and Cambridge College, Sheryl Smith RN, BSN, M.Ed has been an RN for over 30 years. She has experience in a variety of settings, providing hands on patient care. A few too many ‘aha’ moments in her life have propelled her off a cliff of discovery and into the entrepreneurial space. Stay tuned to see where she lands!

A few take aways from our interview with Sheryl Smith RN, BSN, M.Ed include:

  • How you can turn an injury into a career success;
  • The ways you can use non-nursing skills to improve your nursing job satisfaction;
  • And how you just might find yourself in the nursing profession by scaring your parent with a risky alternative!

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