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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Mar 21, 2018

Nurses, if you ever felt like you cannot find a nursing role that satisfies you, this episode is for you. Instead of staying stuck in a job that you just don’t like- why not create a role for yourself? This next guest knew that while she wanted to be a nurse, she never wanted to work in a hospital!

Recognizing the gaps of the Canadian Health Care system and unable to find a role that encompassed her vision, Mary Ann Masesar-Blair, RN, BN and CPT, created her role, Fitness Nurse. She promotes the concept that self-care is health care and teaches others that positive healthy change is possible through daily habit tweaks and structured flexibility.

A few take aways from our interview with Mary Ann Masesar, RN, BN, CPT include:

  • How you have the power to create your own nursing role;
  • What a transformative relationship with a patient or client can do for your nursing satisfaction;
  • And why you need to fail forward- fast!
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