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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Feb 24, 2016

Loved the energy, enthusiasm and insights shared on today's episode. If you're feeling stuck, confused or just plain down about your nursing career path... you don't want to miss today's show. Our guest provides encouragement as well as honesty that will help you feel empowered by your nursing profession again.

A few take aways from our interview with Naomi:

  • How a family of nurses in their professional white uniforms didn’t even influence her career decision;
  • What a big mistake on a medication test taught her about integrity;
  • And why combining your passions and loves turns out total career success!

Naomi D. Jones RN, MS, CRNI is not only a Registered Nurse, she is a Life & Leadership Success Coach, Mentor and Author.  She helps nursing leaders build individual leadership skills so they can effectively lead others.  She has over 35 years in healthcare with 20 years in management.  Naomi believes purpose, joy and career can be synonymous!