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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Dec 9, 2015

This next guest shows us how we can pair our nursing career with other professional modalities. Bernie Zmitrovich has been a nurse for many years, with experience in an enormous amount of nursing specialties. And even though she isn't currently practicing professional nursing, she brings her gifts, talents and nursing skills into her work day. What a wonderful way to impact the lives of others by allowing holistic modalities to complement nursing care.

In our time with Bernie, we learned:

  • How following her heart and letting go of control have impacted her career path;
  • Why a volunteer role at a very early age of 9 shaped her nursing background;
  • And what a box full of old cards and envelopes does for her career success.

Bernie Zmitrovich R.N., Reiki Master Teacher was born and raised in Western PA and graduated from a RN diploma program at Sewickley Valley Hospital, School of Nursing, in Sewickely, PA in 1979. She then worked on a Medical/Surgical unit for 9 months, in NICU for 3 years, in Labor and Delivery for 10 years, and then geriatrics and staff relief for nursing agency for 10 years. Bernie’s last nursing job finished 2 years ago, where she was a hospice nurse for 13 years. Bernie started studying Reiki and Yoga about 5 years ago and has been a Reiki Master Teacher for about 4 years. In addition to practicing Reiki and teaching Reiki, she is in a Yoga Teacher Training program. Bernie feels that complementary and alternative medicine can work well with western medicine, and she works to educate and inform folks about the benefits.