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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Dec 2, 2015

Ready for inspiration? How about hearing about the various ways you can thrive as a nurse! Today’s guest, Dr. Cynthia Jaffe certainly has a diverse nursing background.

In our time with Dr. Jaffe, we learned:

  • How spending time listening to stories with her Italian grandmother shaped her career future;
  • What a missed opportunity as a celebrity animal trainer taught her;
  • And why looking forward towards goals is a great motivator.

Cynthia Jaffe, D.C., NP, F.I.A.M.A  is a health practitioner who specializes in integrative medicine as her primary treatment modality. Her use of a variety of complementary and alternative medicine techniques integrated with allopathic- or standard medicine is what she does best to improve clinical outcomes and lower treatment costs in the population she treats. She appreciates just how important lifestyle and environmental factors are to optimize health and lower disease.  Cynthia holds a fellowship in medical acupuncture, a doctorate of chiropractic and she is a certified nurse practitioner. Currently she practices as a nurse practitioner for an internal medicine physician, as a nurse practitioner for a corporation and she is a faculty professor teaching graduate nurses in a family nurse practitioner program.  As an entrepreneur, she maintains a practice as a chiropractor/nurse practitioner.  She enjoys writing health newsletters for the company she works for and blogging about health and wellness for a variety of websites including her own blog,