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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Apr 27, 2016

Our next guest spoke so eloquently on the paradigm shift we are experiencing in healthcare. Sharing a fresh perspective from the administrative space and beyond, listeners are in for a jam-packed 30 minutes of inspiration, information, and fun.

A few take aways from our interview with Ann:

  • How spending a summer as a...

Apr 13, 2016

Our next guest offers a brand new perspective here on the Your Next Shift podcast, our very first nursing student. While we know that the nursing profession is one of life-long learning, I certainly learned a lot from this next guest. From creative organizational tools to blog posts on all things nursing school- this...

Apr 6, 2016

Our next guest shared an extremely fun, energizing, and upbeat interview. I really enjoyed the laid back nature of our conversation and found myself laughing a lot. While this is one of the newer nurses we’ve had on the show, we can learn a lot from her wisdom, life experience, and expertise.

A few take aways from our...