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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Oct 21, 2015

Today's fun-filled episode is all about love, laughter, and light. Our guest brings a beautiful blend of being and doing to the show.

Cassandra Herbert is a nurse with many talents, skills, and roles. In fact, her nursing career was filled with many twists and turns right from the start. As Cassandra shares in her interview, she started out pre med and then realized calculus was a challenge. Shifting from a psychology degree into nursing and then back into psych, it could seem like this nursing career was all over the place. However, in listening to Cassandra share from the heart and watching her career evolve over time- I know for a fact this holistic nurse entrepreneur is able to balance it all while enjoying life.

In our interview with Cassandra, we learned:

  • How playing make-believe set the tone for Cassandra’s professional life;
  • What feedback from an instructor during her Masters degree did for her career going forward;
  • And why it’s so important to take the time to go inward before making an action packed decision!

Cassandra Herbert, MS, APRN/PMH-BC,ANH-BC,CDNC is a holistic nurse psychotherapist, wellness educator, functional nutrition coach, speaker and author. She is also the creator of Zest and Harmony Counseling which supports the Busy Professional, On The Go Woman ditch overwhelm and stress so that they can feel healthy, happy and at ease in all areas of their life. You can find out more at or by connecting with Cassandra over on TwitterLinkedIn, or YouTube.