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Your Next Shift: A Nursing Career Podcast

Oct 14, 2015

In today's show we visit with one of the Art of Nursing 2015 speakers. From rock and roll music to corporate healthcare and social media, this interview is one you've got to check out!

While nursing isn't always fun and games, our guest today shares with us how she has found her ideal nursing career doing what she loves. By using her talents, interests, and skills Carmen Saunders has been able to create a very specialized niche for herself in the nursing profession.

In today's episode, Carmen shares with us:

  • How she worked her way into her ideal nursing career (and it wasn’t in the hospital);
  • What having two hippie band members as parents can do for your professional philosophy;
  • And what you can learn from being laid off as a nurse… not once, but twice in your nursing career!

Carmen Saunders is a Corporate Health Nurse Practitioner and Social Media News Follower who helps others understand the power of promoting themselves and their organizations through the use of social media platforms. You can find out more and connect with Carmen via her LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook profiles.